Dennis Percy

Dennis has been consulting since 1990 and is recognised within the industry for the depth and breadth of his knowledge. With over 40 years experience, Dennis brings capability, leadership and an exceptional transformational background.

Dennis has successfully led over 120,000 people through transformational programs and consulted major engagements around the world, working in partnership with Intel, Chevron, BP, Pfizer, DSM, Shell, Monsanto, Bechtel, Jacobs, Tengiz Chevroil, BTC Pipeline, Interconnector Pipeline to name a few. In Qatar, Dennis has led engagements with Qatargas building four huge LNG trains as well as the Pearl GTL project in Ras Laffan, creating major culture changes and positive bottom line results for each of these projects.

Dennis developed leadership and alignment programs for multilingual, culturally diverse leadership teams, as well as leading outstanding safety programmes for capital projects with over 50,000 workers of diverse cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds.

Key Skills

  • Executive Coaching
  • Culture Change Implementation at all levels
  • Delivering consulting solutions to mega projects and operating entities


Tel: +6685-241-5313