High Impact Project Teams

  • A High Impact Performance Project is an initiative with a dedicated project team that is organized to achieve a specific set of aggressive & quantifiable industry breaking performance outcomes. These outcomes include & are not limited to the traditional Key Result Areas & measures for success. High-performance projects require superior alignment & collaboration between often competing entities across the projects’ delivery chain.
  • High-Performance projects are a new approach to conducting & delivering projects that is a dramatic departure from traditional “owner/contractor” project mindset and practices. These projects take the capacity to reach across traditional silos & continuously develop innovative solutions to problems that seem insurmountable in the old mindset. High Impact Performance Projects require rapid development of transformative leadership, collaboration, coordinated action, and “best for project” decision-making.
  • Counter-productive work and communication practices are retired and replaced with newly designed work practices. This new framework inspires breakthrough thinking, action and results, mobilizing teams and their performance.

Schedule Accelerations

Accelerated first oil and enhanced ROI by launching new collaborative model for off-shore EPC project delivery.

Return to Profit in the GFC

Refocused and reinvigorated an executive board and regional offices throughout the UKMEA to shift their mindset from reducing costs to winning work during the most recent GFC.

Capex Savings & Superior Alignment

Formulated and coached the implementation of an energy and construction Alliance to build 1600 retail sites across 16 markets.

Performance Turn Around & Intervention

Dismantled turf issues and re-engaged contracting entities to meet critical project deadlines on a major off-shore pipeline project running 6 months behind schedule.

Increased Project Profits

Coached multiple contracting teams in a complex network of partners to dramatically reduce Capex for implementing additional capacity to a “live” off-shore platform.

Mass Transit Opening & HUC Intervention

Deactivated relational breakdowns and reengaged necessary collaboration between client and contractors for meeting a highly political opening of a transit/retail hub linking all city subway lines

Clinical Study - Oncology

Accelerated FDA approval by 4 months for a major oncology compound in Phase three global clinical trial valued at $1.3M in daily sales.

Patient Recruitment Speed

Successfully increased patient recruitment on highly visible neurological trial. Study Investigators and Monitors broke-out from the traditional working relationships and accelerated recruitment from being seriously behind forecast to ahead of schedule within 60 days. FDA approval met on-time.

Pharma Sales

Coached a Multi-National pharmaceutical franchise in the Hong Kong market to produce a 20% breakthrough in sales growth, despite a major blockbuster recall and the implementation of new international compliance standards.

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