Senior Director Global Pharma

Craig’s and HIP’s ability to combine with such enthusiasm their detailed professional knowledge, an extraordinary capacity for creative thinking and deep understanding of team dynamics (both on and below the surface) was something completely new to me. Their meticulous work brought long-lasting improvements that were clearly tangible in so many aspects of team performance and ultimately turned a hard time into a great time.

Senior Project Manager Mauritius

I've enjoyed working with Craig and Ginette from HIP. They assisted Southern Africa (various offices) to engage and embrace a common vision. The examples provided during the workshop were always pertinent to a real-life situation and made us think deeper! Craig is also a top-class communicator and the use of his personal experiences as examples demonstrates his honest approach to any situation.

Senior Project Manager Durbin

It was an absolute pleasure working with Craig and HIP, albeit for only 2 days. It was simply inspirational, not only from a business point of view but on a deeply personal level as well. These are great people doing amazing work... I hope our paths cross again soon.

Joint Interest Unit Technical Services Manager BHPB Petroleum

We commissioned High Impact Projects to assist with a team workshop aimed at creating a positive team culture and creating an aligned work plan. The workshop was a great success and I found HIP to be experts in their roles and great to work with.

Managing Director Krux Digital Europe

Craig has the remarkable ability to illustrate unforeseen hurdles in the way of personal progress and chart a course to address or navigate around them. He's both insightful and thought provoking and I would highly recommend him as a resource to any company with multiple teams working toward a singular objective.

Senior Vice President Rentrak

Craig's work as a "performance engineer" is second to none. Craig, always acts in positive, forward moving manner and is an expert in working through the chaos and driving results in even the murkiest of environments. When you work with Craig, expect to be working on the one singular most important objective - results! Craig has a way of helping his clients not only see what needs to be done, but helps them execute on the actions that need to take place in order for you to succeed. Craig is very successful at what he does and does it in a generous, proactive manner.

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