Regional Chairman + AM Canberra 

I have known Craig since 1995, when we worked together on the Wandoo project. More recently Craig and his colleagues have done a number of pieces of work with my organisation, most recently with my Board. Individually they are great, as a combination they have exceeded my already high expectations. I look forward to much greater possibilities.

President Bovis Lendlease

I have worked with Craig over a number of years, in many countries and cultures. He is one of the most challenging and innovative people I have worked with, he transformed the approach and attitude of a complete major client group across our business and enabled us to achieve stunning results. He is stimulating, challenging and always results (and change) focused. Great guy, great asset

Gulf of Mexico Joint Interest Unit Manager
BHP Billiton

You (HIP) did a great job, and I hope you know how much it meant to us to have those 3 days come together perfectly for our team. It feels like we've laid the foundation together, and it's now up to us to start building the business. Rob, Stuart and I will each need a few "20 seconds of courage" as we go forward, but together we can do it.

Rob Jellis
Australia Joint Interest Unit Manager

I want to thank you both for a fantastic three-days together. I cannot believe how much we got done in such a short amount of time. Vision, strategy, roles, teaming and alignment. I am over the moon. Thanks again.

CEO Lend Lease Global

Craig (HIP) facilitated multiple EPC delivery teams in my regions to produce breakthroughs results, beyond my expectations, developing new paradigms in the levels of performance across teams and geographies. His business and collaborative coaching provided real significant added value that is well documented achieving 43% aggregate cost savings and early deliveries. These are facts in my companies and clients I worked for after Craig’s coaching and assistance. I would repeat this on and on.

Commercial Director Buildings UK+Middle East+Africa

HIP worked with Arup in the UKMEA in 2011 to help us focus on the values and vision for Arup in the region. Specifically I spent 2 days in a structured workshop with them. I was challenged and inspired and the process has made me think differently about how to achieve what we need to achieve. I recommend High Impact Projects to help make long lasting change. 

BHPB North West Shelf Joint Interest Unit

Before yet another day passed, I wanted to make sure I said thank you. Thank you to both Craig and his colleagues for the energy and passion you brought and shared with the team. It is not easy to perform magic when there is so much to cover, very limited time to cover it and with one arm tied behind your back but you guys somehow managed. Before you came to help us there was no space to have authentic conversations; you have changed that. In the new space, I am looking forward with great anticipation to see what hairs stick and what crumbs fall away from the JIU team and individuals.

 COO Australasia

Craig and his colleagues have worked through a number of workshops on Business strategy for us around the Australasian Region including cities in Australia and Singapore. Craig and his colleagues are passionate, energetic and highly capable people that helped our teams work hard through the tasks we had set and achieve real results.

Arup Southern Africa

I enjoyed working with Craig and his colleagues at a business strategy workshop in South Africa. They dealt with some fairly big personalities fairly and firmly, massaged egos where necessary, and overall facilitated a successful outcome over the two days. I’m looking forward to working with them again in 2012.

Legal Counsel UKMEA

Craig and his colleagues spent three days working with our Board. Their enthusiasm and hard work generated some surprising and extremely positive outcomes and helped us generate a plan for change. Craig was particularly skilled at helping the group address the more difficult issues. Following this workshop he has shown an unusual level of dedication and commitment to our organisation. I have no hesitation recommending High Impact Projects to any business which wants to embark on a programme of transformation.

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