Mass Transit Opening & HUC Intervention

Deactivated relational breakdowns and reengaged necessary collaboration between client and contractors for meeting a highly political opening of a transit/retail hub linking all city subway lines

  • Presenting Project Environment:

    In the final six-months of a ten-year project, schedule, political and community pressures had shown their impact; architects, designers, engineers and constructors had become entrenched in siloes; relationships and trust had eroded, project team meetings were counter-productive, individuals by-passed approval channels and behaviors had become embedded in aggression and protection; all of which were impacting critical and required collaboration and the ultimate project schedule. 

  • Work Scope:

    HIP interviewed a critical mass of project personnel across the client and contracting entities to reveal the views, mind-sets, beliefs and attitudes that had evolved, the fall out of which was break in key relationships. Upon presenting the output to the senior executives, each executive committed to the others to remove all obstacles and reignite a positive work culture. Collaborative cross team working sessions were conducted to rapidly resolve outstanding project issues, retire counter-productive behaviours, shift the focus to the future and restore necessary collaboration and effective communications. A series of clear requests, requirements and needs were aligned on in order to claw back much needed time and meet the projects opening.

  • Final Project Outcomes:

    Although the project experienced massive delays over the 10 years since its inception for a variety of reasons, dramatic steps were taken to restore the required focus on the projects imperatives, shift the attitudes and behaviors and improve collaboration. Overall, the soft opening was successfully met and there was a clear agreed execution plan for commissioning and final hand-over to the operations put in place that drove new actions.