Closing the gap between good and world class safety performance has become a critical business imperative for most industries. Companies, industries and geographic regions have varying degrees of sophistication in their approach to safety management. Despite the existence of safety management systems, there is also a “predisposed or common mindset” for safety that often results in an unsatisfactory level of safety awareness, management and a “tick the box” approach to assessing risks and hazards.

HIP's Human Safety Approach is based on emerging philosophies, principles and state of the art approaches in the OHS field. The goal is for Safety Culture and Leadership to powerfully address the human factors in order to win and lead the hearts and minds of staff, workers and contract personnel at all levels. Our clients use the HIP transformational approach in concert with existing safety practices, to accelerate the development of leaders, project teams and contractors to facilitate the next leap in their safety performance. 

HIP facilitates organizations to shift their culture, thinking and approach to safety, to one that makes safety more personal and compelling for everyone; more emotional and heartfelt; people actively caring and looking out for one another in ways that it is seen as part of everyone’s role within the organization. Clients establish and embed a safety culture that powerfully incorporates the human side of safety, captures the hearts and minds of the employees and rapidly moves safety up the value chain. The aim is to continue to move towards the complete elimination of worker injury.


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