Aligned Leadership

HIP works with executive teams to transform them into highly aligned leadership coalitions that provide the necessary inspirational leadership to their organizations. Working with a unique method, leaders design an “Inspiring Strategic Frame” that galvanizes their organization, and a set of well-defined breakthrough outcomes that can be launched and acted upon immediately. Through facilitation, the coalition creates a new view of the future and a detailed plan for how to fuel alignment, effective action and sustainable value. Through coaching, the coalition members establish a commitment to each other, to their organizations future and the necessary behavioural framework that will drive behaviors and underpin success. Individual executives become a true leadership coalition with a single shared commitment, shared goals, aligned decisions, common behavioural and business structures and an inspired outlook for the organizations future.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring for High Impact

Today’s executives and leaders are up to producing, what was once considered to “be impossible”. They want to contribute something amazing & difference making inside of their organizations that also sets new standards for their industries. To do so necessitates preparing and equipping both themselves and their people with new ways of thinking, acting (behaving), and organizing to continuously elevate not only performance, but the ways in which that new performance is achieved. One-on-one executive coaching for high-potentials leaders and managers is designed to:

  • dramatically & rapidly increase the leaders’ ability to inspire, encourage and develop the next generation of high potentials
  • build championship teams equipped to powerfully deliver on their organizations business imperatives, and
  • enhance the leaders’ abilities to galvanize their staff and members to greater levels of measurable accomplishment.



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