Leading project team members to insights and action and to break free from old mindsets and develop new possibilities, HIP’s methods supports the following:

  • Delivering new distinctions around learning and innovation that provide power for “learning from the past” and “innovating for the future”
  • Revealing the cycles of “learning disabilities” and “innovation blindness” that are self-imposed and counterproductive to realizing critical project goals
  • Surfacing hidden notions about learning and innovation that stop individuals from continually improving on their personal performance
  • Embedding in the project culture a capacity to learn and share, free from blame
  • Creating excitement and openness to challenging norms and practices that directly impact projects key drivers
  • Leading project teams to break free from past limitations around routine functions that are critical to the overall success of realizing KPIs

With an established project culture that values innovation and learning, HIP then uses its Learning and Innovation Component to establish a formal, structured and sustainable approach. This Learning and Innovation Component includes:

  • Establishing a clear understanding and model for a learning cycle that promotes continual improvement and innovation
  • Embedding learning events, such as After Action Reviews, Retrospects, Peer Assists, and Decision Decomposition that foster individual, team and cross-functional team learning
  • Providing practical tools to formally capture learning, and turning this learning into best practices, lessons learned, and updates to existing processes and practices
  • Facilitating the transfer of new knowledge obtained from learning events by developing knowledge communities

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