It is important to note that a High Impact Performance Project is more than just a contract strategy:

  • It is a new approach to conducting business and delivering projects that is a dramatic departure from traditional “owner/contractor” project mindset and practices. It takes the capacity to reach across traditional silos, continuously develop new innovative solutions to problems that seem insurmountable in the old mindset. High Impact Performance Projects require transformational leadership, collaboration, coordinated action, and “best for project” decision-making.
  • A High Impact Performance Project is an initiative with a project team that is organized to achieve a specific set of quantifiable industry breaking performance outcomes. These outcomes include & are not limited to the traditional Key Result Areas for success. High impact projects require superior alignment & collaboration between often competing entities.

High Impact Performance Projects have documented new industry norms in the following performance areas:

  • Accelerations in the achievement of project milestones & early production
  • Increased project profits
  • Highly successful project alliances, partnerships & relational contracting strategies
  • Elevated collaboration & cooperation between contracting entities
  • Improved effectiveness, coordination, speed & reliability on projects with multiple partners

High Impact Projects methods include:

  • Interventional skills for high-performing leadership & teams
  • A common performance language to accelerate & coordinate action, productivity & results
  • Greater reliability with the exchange of commitments and deliverables
  • Keeping oneself and others fueled over the long haul
  • Retiring counter-productive behaviors & work practices
  • Resolving project obstacles & bottlenecks with creativity and velocity
  • Eliciting the active engagement & participation of stakeholders. 


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