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Pedro Ladron de Guevara

Over almost 30 years, Pedro Ladron de Guevara has built up an impressive career and has extensive experience in Global and European environments, in the energy, real estate and construction sectors. He gained this experience through a number of senior executive and directorate positions in leading international enterprises:


Director, BP Oil and Mobil Oil,  based in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. With responsibilities across five continents, being responsible for Engineering Europe (Mobil Oil),  Alliance Global Director (BP& Bovis) and Reimaging Alliance Director (BP  & COTEBA) and Director member of the European Steering Group of the bp/Mobil merger team.
C.E.O. Global Markets at Lend Lease, the Australian listed world's leading fully integrated property and infrastructure solutions provider. Responsible for global clients/sectors (oil, pharma, telecoms, fast food, retail banking,..) and functions (knowledge sharing, Procurement) and 1,200 employees over four continents.

Executive Director, Global Business & Functions, Bovis, world leading Project and Construction management firm

Pedro has a MSc in civil engineering from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and executive studies from London Business School, Middlesex University and CEPADE.



 360º feedback        

  • Strong values
  • Outgoing, extrovert
  • Multicultural awareness
  • Ability to attract and retain talent
  • Zero tolerance with non conformities and mediocrity
  • Searching for excellence
  • Low profile (·“Us“ instead of “me“)
  • Think Global act Local
  • Down to earth
  • Forming-Norming-Storming-Performing (developing succesful teams and enterprises)
  • Developing staff and succesion planning.
  • Need space, responsibility and accountability
  • Used to report to EXCOs, Boards, CEO´s, etc.
  • Self starter
  • Risk taker and decission maker