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Return to Profit in the GFC

Refocused and reinvigorated an executive board and regional offices throughout the UKMEA to shift their mindset from reducing costs to winning work during the most recent GFC.

  • Presenting Project Environment:

    A highly recognized engineering firm had been hard hit in the 2008 GFC with client project funding being put on hold across many regions. Like so many others, they had undergone redundancies the fall out of which had an impact on the mood, morale, creativity and view of the future with the people who remained.

  • Work Scope:

    A cultural assessment was performed to reveal the depth and breadth of the impact across the region. Work sessions were conducted with the regional board to immediately shift their mindset from “continuing to reduce costs” to “winning more work” and develop strategies for uplifting the broader employee base’s view of the future for the region. Activation working sessions were also implemented across each of the regional offices to establish a context of inspiration, shift the paradigm for performance and design winning strategies for capturing new work.

  • Final Project Outcomes:

    In the first 8 months, against a forecast of a significant loss in revenue and profits, the region met their original (pre-GFC) revenue target and fell shy by 1% on its original profit target. In the following 12 months, the region exceeded both their revenue and profit targets. This was the first time in 6 years this level of performance was achieved.