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Capex Savings & Superior Alignment

Formulated and coached the implementation of an energy and construction Alliance to build 1600 retail sites across 16 markets.

  • Presenting Project Environment:

    A newly formed energy and construction partnership was required to demonstrate a significant cost savings and increased effectiveness through superior collaboration for the design and construction of over 1600 retail sites across 16 geographies.

  • Work Scope:

    Performance consulting and on-site coaching of Country Managers and joint project delivery teams were conducted to develop innovative approaches to improve efficiencies and realize cost savings in managing, building and maintaining the portfolio of retail sites. 

    The ALT was formulated, launched and coached along with the Country Managers; Performance and collaboration working sessions were implemented with regional delivery teams to gain buy-in and form themselves into high performing teams and on-site coaching support was provded to address the inevitable interruptions and to achieve project milestones.

  • Final Project Outcomes:

    The sites delivered a 43% aggregate cost savings and early delivery.

    Strategic relationships were created across regions.

    Marketing and construction successfully operated as “one team” and a global partnership was formed and is delivering programs world-wide.